PRO Services

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding about government entities gives us a competitive edge over others. We provide the best PRO services in Abu Dhabi to our clients and ensure that every need is met. Our team of professionals will provide you with a link to key gov’t departments and ministries as well as other agencies.

How PRO Services work?

Our PROs work with various government ministries and legislative agencies, including Abu Dhabi Chamber, Abu Dhabi Immigration, Naturalization Department and Ministry of Labor to balance your organization’s administrative workload and increase delivery times.

PRO Services

Each Emirate may have different rules for employees and business in the UAE. We have consultants with experience in all Emirates. They also keep current information about the local laws. This allows us to help you in UAE in your daily tasks in Gov’t departments.

With the Earnest PRO services, we modify for your requirements;  there is no need for you to stand in queue and wait for your turn to submit your official or personal paper work; or call up different agencies to make clear your paper works.

Benefits of hiring corporate PRO services in Abu Dhabi

A Time Efficient and Cost Effective Solution

Time Saver: There are many difficulties in getting PRO approvals or paper works. Using a company like ours can help you save a lot of time. Instead of waiting in line at gov’t departments, you can focus more on your business.

Trouble-Free: We will provide trouble-free service for documents approvals and other purposes. We handle all aspects of the government department, as well as collecting and delivering documents after they have been cleared by PRO. We will take care of everything.

Save Money: You will be able to save more money by outsourcing your PRO services than if you were to do it yourself. You can also reduce the cost of document processing and clearing. It also decreases the need to have a PRO department within your company.

Transparency: As a provider of PRO services, we are extremely transparent in our processes. All receipts, copies of gov’t charges and expenses are provided along with supporting bills. This ensures transparency in our work.

Types of PRO Services


Why choose Earnest as your PRO Service provider?

We assign a PRO to your company so that you are always on the right track and can keep you informed about any renewal dates.

To ensure transparency and follow up on all updates from government ministries, we provide you with all receipts and letters.

Our Arabic translators, typists, and proofreaders are carefully selected from the best resources in order to create the highest quality paperwork for trade license renewal and registration.

Our affordable packages (Monthly and One-Time) are a great way to save time and money. They also provide complete PRO coverage for legal, financial, and administrative tasks.