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The right HR tools and solutions can help you grow older how and where you want.

The Value of

HR Assistance in your company

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.”

The Value of Our Services

If your company is in need of an HR service team or you just require help with regulatory compliance, Earnest HR Consulting has HR specialists who can implement an efficient cloud-based solution to meet all your HR requirements. Implementing tools for managing human resources including HR softwares, HR outsourcing along with human capital management allows Earnest HR Consulting to provide an HR strategy that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

From writing efficient job descriptions, and conducting background check reviews, to HR best practices for human resources as well as compliance and instruction, Earnest HR Consulting has the HR tools along with resources and knowledgeable experts to help you in all aspects of HR-related planning and HR needs. 

One-Point Contact

Earnest HR Consulting is the most renowned company across the UAE for managed HR solutions. We believe that putting individuals with the right jobs can make a difference to individuals’ lives and the organizations that they are working in. Our HR outsourcing services helps companies manage their business smoothly and effectively.

What we offer :

  • Your own dedicated assistant
  • Reviewing Employment Contracts.
  • Services to all sectors like Banking, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Engineering and Construction, IT, Health Sectors etc.
  • Talent Acquisition
  • No hassle switching
  • White & Blue Collar Manpower Services

Our Services

We will help you concentrate on your work by managing all of your human resource requirements. We collaborate with businesses across all sectors, both private and government to offer world-class manpower, outsourcing of HR services, as well as recruitment services.

Our recruitment service is designed to suit your needs from attending interviews, writing job descriptions or conducting the whole process for you.

We are registered and authorized in facilitating Manpower Supply in the UAE. We assist in all kinds of Labour and Manpower supply services at affordable rates.

Professional PRO Services in Abu Dhabi, fast processing, easy & affordable. We are pioneers in providing Outsourced PRO Service solutions in Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

Leaders in facilitating temporary staffs in the UAE. Achieve more with a team of talented multi-languages speaking personal assistants.

GCC's Valuable Company in Assisting Recruitment

Proactive firm equipped with the most convincing value proposition in the industry for our clients.


We’re witnessing an increase in the rise of “empowered candidate” in the world of recruitment and it’s a trend that our business should be aware of if you wish to ensure that you’re hiring the top talent. We indeed hire the best talent.


Today’s employees demand transparency. We at Earnest HR Consulting,  communicate in detail clearly what the company’s true mission is and what that looks like over the course of the company’s lifetime or a person’s career.


Partnering with Earnest HR Consulting not only ensures that you get the best talents across the globe, but also managing your employee experience can improve retention and save you time and money responding to turnover. 


Earnest HR Consulting not only provides solid recruitment strategy to fuel business growth but  also understands that seeking out the top employee talent should be a constant process. This way we are ahead of our competitors.